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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Intermission: Time for a Break

So it's been over two years of psychology - more than enough for anyone. This week let's take a break and do something else.

One of the joys of travel is discovering signs, menu items, and misphrasings that provide a welcome jolt. And one of the cardinal rules of travel is that you never point out the problem to anyone who might correct it. Like a pristine campground, your job is to leave it as is for others to enjoy.

Of course, you don't always have to leave home for these. Here are just a few ...
I've always loved this Australian realty firm. I'll take a dozen.

A good Cambodian Buddhist recommendation.

Vancouver. Just the other day I was planning a party
to celebrate the blandness of daily life. Ultimately I went with another tile,
one that exclaimed the tedium of meaningless existence.

So much easier than leashing the tail and dragging him everywhere.

A reminder of the importance of branding. No waiting!

A great anticonsumerist reminder. It turned out
 this was exactly right: I didn't need anything.
A proconsumerist point of view, for balance.

Also available: Chocolate Bypass, Butterscotch Crutch, and Strawberry Eyepatch.

In an airport, is this a hopeful or pessimistic sign to see?
Is it just me, or is calling your restaurant S.O.L. self-defeating?
Okay, time to get back to psychology.

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