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Thursday 13 June 2019

Walk Across England: Wainwright's Coast to Coast Trail

Some people like a solitary retreat; others like a long walk. How about a 330 kilometer walk from the Irish Sea to the North Sea? In spring 2018 I did the popular Wainwright's route solo. Here are some visuals from the trip, in case it's something you might like to do one day.

Depression Versus Mumps: Continuum Versus Dichotomy?

We often use physical illnesses as convenient metaphors for psychological difficulties, but there is always a bit of slippage in the analogy. In this short video I point out a basic problem in most psychiatric diagnosis: Most mental health challenges sit on continua; they are not "yes-or-no" dichotomies.

Well, fine. So what? This can lead us into trouble when diagnosing, and raises the inconvenient question of the utility of much diagnostic work.

Monday 3 June 2019

Is Depression Normal?

In recent posts I've been pointing out that some of the symptoms we associate with depression are somewhat predictable given circumstance and lifestyle.

Does this mean that depression can be a "normal" response? And if so, does this mean it isn't really a disorder in these cases? In this post, let's argue the opposite side of the coin. Knowing the cause of a problem doesn't stop it being a problem.