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Friday 4 January 2013

New Year's Resolution: Manage Stress Better!

Is this one of your pledges this year?

One of the best strategies is to learn diaphragmatic breathing, and then learn how to apply it in the situations that normally stress you out.

To this end I've created an online video course called "Breathing Made Easy" on

Want to take it?  Use a coupon code to get a 47% discount for the next 2 months - from $15 to just $8.  The code is "psychsalon".  All small letters, all one word.

Can you pass along that code to others or repost this offer? Yes.

Udemy is a site offering courses in all kinds of things, and it started with computer courses. Nobody cares if someone sees they are taking a computer course, so when you sign up they ask for your full name.  Feel free to enter a pseudonym instead - something like "stomachbreather." Or whatever.

Here's where to find the course, including a promo video that tells you more:

Have fun. And best wishes for 2013, no matter what your resolutions are.

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