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Tuesday 5 June 2012

Upcoming Talks: The Canadian Psychological Association, June 13-16 in Halifax

It's June, and that means it's time for the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association, this year in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Beautiful Atlantic Canada

I'll be presenting two talks this year, and there will be much more to see (most of which will be more interesting than listening to me, I'm sure).  Here are my topics:

Preconvention Workshop June 13
Process Made Simpler: A Behavioural Guide to the Therapeutic Alliance.

Therapists are encouraged to be warm, be supportive, be empathetic - but most of these suggestions are phrased in terms of the reaction that we hope to evoke in the client. We seldom discuss exactly what it is we are supposed to do to bring about these reactions. How do we establish a good working alliance? What is that, anyway? And what can we do to make the therapeutic experience more powerful, more effective, and more rewarding for the client?

This full-day workshop emphasizes specific behavioural strategies for enhancing the so-called nonspecific factors in therapy. It will be presented the day before the regular convention opens, so there is an extra charge.  Register through CPA, here.

This workshop will also be offered in Vancouver BC on October 18 2012.  Registration information for the Vancouver program can be found here.

Convention Workshop June 14, 12:30 - 2:30
Creating an Effective Internet Presence: Strategies for Psychologists.

Once, long ago, a telephone was an exotic curiosity employed by early adopters - but it rapidly became a business essential. The same progression has now occurred with a web presence for professionals: If you are not on the net, how do prospective clients know you really exist? This workshop provides specific recommendations about the development of an effective website for the mental health professional, from selecting and registering a name to measuring and enhancing site usage by visitors. Topics include: the respective roles of site designer and site owner; how to select content for posting; why everything you ever learned about writing will get in your way; how not to waste the time of your visitors; the critical importance of the "above the fold" region of your homepage; and how to maximize in-person business via a practice website. We will also discuss strategies for tracking visitors, using online advertising options to promote a site and practice, and some suggestions and concerns about using social media. Finally, the question of whether practitioners should have a blog is considered - and, if so, how to design it, content to include, and ethical issues.

This two-hour workshop is part of the regular convention program and is free of charge for convention registrants.

Hope to see you in Halifax!

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