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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Resources: The single best thing you can do for your health

Staying healthy can seem a bit overwhelming. I have to work on my diet, boost my social network, meditate, find my passion, manipulate my sleep schedule, drink less coffee, drink more coffee (depending on the study), and on and on.  

Maybe you worry about your weight. You have bad knees. You want to avoid age-related cognitive decline. Uncle Frank had heart disease and you want to avoid it.

To avoid all of these different hazards seems like a full-time job. It's easier just to give up and let the fates do their worst.

But what if you didn't have to do all those things? What if there was just ONE thing you could do that would reduce your risk of dying from most causes? And what if the same thing would reduce your risk of an anxiety disorder or clinical depression and boost your quality of life? 

And, damn, you're not a smoker, so just giving up cigarettes isn't an option for you.

Well, actually, there IS one thing that can help prevent the most common emotional problems and chronic illnesses, as well as age-related cognitive decline. And you can guess what it is.

But here's a short video that makes the point clearly, concisely, with reference to the research:

It'll take you 9 minutes, and you already know what it's going to tell you.

But it really puts the ball back in our own court. Something we've wanted, something we might have wished for, has been discovered. So: Are we willing to make use of it?

You can extend your life, and have more fun living it. Want to? If not, why not?

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