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Thursday 21 April 2011

Tuesday April 26: PsychologySalon on Asserting Yourself

7 pm to 9 pm at UBC Robson Square, Room C400
April 26th will be the fourth Tuesday of the month, meaning it's time for another PsychologySalon talk.  This one is on effective communication strategies.
Assertiveness is supposed to be a great thing, but what IS it, exactly? What are the differences between the aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive, and assertive communication styles? What is the relationship between the stress response and assertiveness? How can we express ourselves clearly, simply, and kindly, in a way that others can hear us? How can we regain a measure of control over our own lives?  
We’ll discuss several situations in which we might want to be assertive, and we’ll focus on some specific tips for improving our style. Our emphasis will be on:
• Offering your opinion 
• Saying "No"
• Making requests
We’ll consider whether assertiveness is more about controlling other people or controlling ourselves, whether aggression and passivity have their uses, what happens when we first practice assertiveness with someone who is used to our passivity, and whether it all gets easier with time.

Tickets are $15 at the door, or online at

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